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Many of us like to postpone important things for later. And paper writer are no exception. Therefore, most of them are in the eternal search for a quick way to write a thesis project. If you organize the process correctly, you can manage a few days. But it is better not to test fate. It’s not so simple to sit down and write a diploma. And right away, it’s all the more impossible to start everything right. But still, let’s try to write the work so that we do not have to rework everything. Therefore, it is worthwhile to listen to the following recommendations.

The most important thing is to choose the right topic and make a plan. As a rule, this does not amount to works. You have the temptation to take a hot topic for your project. But it is better to do this. Studies on the topic that the whole world is discussing are of particular interest to the commission. You will find countless questions. You can study the problem so deeply to answer all the tricky questions of candidates and doctors of science? Then dare.

If you have very little time left to write a diploma, it is better to choose a less acute problem for research. What is photo essay?

With a plan, the situation is simpler. You can either not approve it, or change it after approval. And you can do nothing at all. Obtain from the supervisor the approval or approval of the plan. This will save you further from complete and radical shift plans and unnecessary rewriting work.

Also the graduate student should make a presentation consisting of about ten slides. If you correctly select sources, the preparation of the presentation takes quite a bit of time.

Then the most difficult thing is writing the work itself. Write in a short time, a defensible diploma will not work. You can make the whole diploma for one book or take it on the Internet ready. But the result will be appropriate.

 Begin to compile a bibliographic list of scientific articles and monographs on the subject of the diploma. By itself it is useless. It is necessary to collect all these publications and monographs. When you collect all available sources, discard useless ones. So you will save your strength and time.

And now the most important part of the assignment is work on the text of the project. The simplest way is to select for each paragraph several articles of an analytical nature and supplement them with suitable material from other sources. The method is more difficult – to read all the sources by paragraph. Identify general trends in the disclosure of the topic and supplement them with nuances from individual publications. Combine everything into a single paragraph and draw conclusions.

The design of the diploma project seems to us useless trifle. But do not neglect it. The first impression of the diploma will be on registration. Then there will be a check by the supervisor and plagiarism.

Dear students, disconnect mobile phones, close links to serials and sit down for the registration of the diploma right now.

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